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New paradigm Community Based organization (NPCBO) is a registered organization based in Gita Village Kisumu, Kenya. It is Non- Profit making Community based Organization that harnesses social capital and mobilizes donations from partners and organizes volunteering work towards mitigating the effects of poverty to the widows, orphans and the less fortunate in the community.

Naminieli Obura is the Founder and CEO of the Organization, with a lean team of volunteers consisting of two Administrators,One Chairlady, One Treasurer, One Secretary and other ordinary members. The ordinary members consist of widows and other beneficiaries to the organization, with the widows having a tremendous say on the planning and execution of objectives of the organization.

Our Mission

Working with women, children, Youth and development partners to provide capacity to the less fortunate in the community within Kisumu, its rural environs and even beyond through training, information dissemination, sharing and outreach.

Our Vision:

A community in which all women, children and youth are engaged in Education and employment as an imperative to decent life.

Why did you start New Paradigm?:

The dire situation of the distraught persons in the community within Rural Kenya was the motivation in founding the Organization. One, amongst them was Mama Teresa Wamboga from the Village of Gita, whose condition of being physically challenged got compounded by an unfortunate visitation of poverty and being the caregiver to orphaned grand children in her life. I felt obligated to do anything in my power to improve her condition. That is the reason I established New Paradigm Community Based Organization.

What personal challenges do you face?:

Having to work with limited resources against a heavy demand of the same in the community; managing stigmatization and the weakening inclination when the beneficiaries we support unexpectedly pass on, just to mention a few.

What motivation do you derive from working at New Paradigm?

The feeling of fulfilment when sadness transforms into confidence in beneficaries' lives; when orphans being supported through education, become role models in the community and give back to the organization as  volunteers.

Why do you think the partnership with Afroskop eV is important to New Paradigm?

Afroskop eV offers New Paradigm a platform to trade thoughts, experiences, and challenges. She assists in  widening its network with partners and organizations with shared vision and mission.

What is your biggest wish for New Paradigm?

I envision New Paradigm CBO as a selfless Model Philanthropic Organization that shall achieve  improved livelihood in the community, build  trust among the members from NPCBO  at Gita, Kisumu – Kenya  and beyond.

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New Paradigm is a Community Based Organization (CBO) that support widows and orphans in Kenya and beyond.



Gita village, Kisumu County, Kenya P.O. Box 9150-40141


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