How We Began.

It began as a desire during one of Naminieli’s visits to her village town upon sighting an old handicapped lady gathering spilled maize flour from the ground. Drawn to the sight, she asked the lady for what good reason she was doing that, just to discover that that should be the lady’s planned meal for the day. She would gather the flour, sift out the dirt particles in the flour and make a meal out of it. That would get the job done for her day’s supper, as she was unable to purchase food for herself. Moved by the lady’s predicament, she got her a little arrangement for the day and volunteered to give her day by day portions of food. Naminieli wanting to visit the lady’s home to see what her everyday environments resembled, planned to visit the lady’s home the next day.

Strangely, the lady would share her little portion with five other elderly ladies who were evidently living in a similar difficult state of abject need. Moved by sympathy, and unfit to overlook the other ladies who came, she immediately committed to including all the other women in the day-by-day arrangement of food. That was the beginning of the New Paradigm Community Based Organization.

What began as an individual demonstration of generosity, dynamically acquired energy and momentum as a reason for collective Good.

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New Paradigm is a Community Based Organization (CBO) that support widows and orphans in Kenya and beyond.



Gita village, Kisumu County, Kenya P.O. Box 9150-40141


We rise by lifting others